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A program for searching word matches in the Bible text
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It is said that the Torah (what Christians know as the Old Testament) contains of all the events, past and future, of human history, and that this fact is the irrefutable proof of its Divine origin. In fact, several years ago, a team of Israeli mathematicians developed software for analyzing the entire Torah, and they have found amazing coded messages in the Hebrew text. For example, in 1994, a journalist familiar with the mathematicians' work, found the words "Itzhak Rabin" next to "murder". A year later, the Prime Minister of Israel Itzhak Rabin was murdered by an extremist. Other of such strange messages were found in relation to Gandhi, Hitler, George Bush and so on. Now, Xentao offers a program for performing such searches in the entire BIble. With Bible Code Oracle, you can search any word, or combination of words, that you can think of, like your own name or those of your loved ones, as well as other data like dates, countries and so on. The program includes several previously-made searches with words like "nuclear", "Iran", "Korea", "President", "Obama" and many others. As an extra bonus, the program includes a Bible reader that lets you read and search any word or verse in the English version of the Old and New Testaments. If you are a serious Bible reader or simply curious about the possibility of hidden messages in the Scriptures, then you may like this program.

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  • This type of analysis has been discredited by renowned mathematicians
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